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The Yagán or Yámana, the most southern language of the world, was spoken until the end of the XIXth century by a group of nomadic seafaring people, who ranged throughout the archipelagos and channels of the very end of the American continent, between Brecknock peninsula and Cape Horn.

Currently the Yagán language is in extinction.

In the small village of Ukika, near Port Williams, on Navarino Island are the last speaker of the Yagán anguage.


There are seven vowels: i, e, ae, e (inverted), a, o, u.

There are seventeen consonants: p, t, k, tr, ¨c, s, s.

Yagán vocabulary and phrases:

Maóla: day

Ahpérnih: star

Pusáki: fire.

Language I

Digueñes (pequeños hongos del sur de Chile)

Yagán vocabulary and phrases:

Hanúha: moon

Paléna: rain

Fóka: Fog

Yagashana: Present channel Murray. Thomas Bridges

Wákul: Sky

Sáeskin: Heart

Wahar: Vulva

Tapáera: two hared sea lion.

Ama: Sea lion.

Kéikus: leopard seal.

Káluh: Foreigner

Ushipin: Bay,

Yasála: Dog

Sápa: blood

Sima: Water

Kaméin: Arm

Yeni: Canoe made of tree trunks.