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Recipe by Yanet Teao Beri Beri

3 kg ripe bananas
2 kg pumpkin
3 kg wheat flour
1 litre oil
1 kg grated coconut
1/2 kg sugar

Follow these steps:
Mash bananas with your hands
Grate pumpkin into big pieces.
Sift the flour

Put the mashed bananas into bowl, add the grated pumpkin and half flour little by little. Then mix the oil with the flour and add half the grated coconut. Dough is now ready to use.

Pre-heat the oven for 30 minutes. Spread the dough into a grassed mould on a greaseproof paper and bake it for about one hour. Then remove the poe, leave it to cool and decorate with rest of coconut.

In Rapa Nui (the big island) there are 15 species of bananas. All of them with different size and taste. In the island, the banana is a traditional accompaniment to meals. It is not a dessert.

Umu Ta’o

Umu Ta’o (Curanto) is a traditional dish from the Eastern Island.

The oven is a pit dug in the ground, in which vegetables, seafood and a variety of meat is cooked over heated stones. Cover all with bananas leaves and finally soil. Serving with batatas (camote ) and "Po'e".

The gastronomy of Rapa Nui is based on shellfish such as fish, lobster, tuna, cod fish, "nahue", Sword fish and other kind of seafood of the Pacific ocean.

There are fruits such as banana (7 varieties), pineapple, papaya and guava.
Po’e is a sweet pudding which is made with flour, pumpkin and banana.
Wrap mixture (banana, flour, sugar and "Taro") in banana leaves, then cook in the Umu Ta’o.

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